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  • Plastic Headlight Restoration : How to restore your plastic headlight lens?

    Are your headlights looking old, faded and discolored? Don't replace them restore them!

    Most modern vehicles including my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport have plastic headlights. They look much more stylish than the older glass sealed beam headlights but they age poorly. My headlights were discolored, scratched, hazy and looked horrible. Originally I planned on replacing the headlights until I discovered they cost over $200/ea on Ebay. I was determined to find another alternative. After searching Google I discovered several headlight polishing restoration kits.

    The kits use fall into 2 categories: 1. polishing no sanding 2. wet sanding and polishing. The no sanding kits are more or less a short term solution that will need to be repeated; the wet sanding kits are a better long term solution.

    I chose the Permatex Headlight Lens Restoration Kit. It can be found at Schuck's Auto Supply or O'reilly Auto Parts for about $17.50. There are other similar kits; be sure that the kit you choose includes sand paper (for wet sanding) and polishing products. The process is fairly simple just follow the instructions included with the product. There are several steps involving wet sanding with various grades of sandpaper, cleaning and polishing. I went a bit overboard on the polishing and used the entire bottle of polish on the headlights.

    I'm very impressed with the results. The headlights aren't new but they look very good. While this may be considered a "cosmetic" repair it also allows the headlights to project slightly brighter light. This is definitely a worth while project that may save you hundreds of dollars in headlight replacement costs.

    Feel free to leave comments with questions or experiences!