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  • Toyota Pickup & 4runner : Replacement Seat Swap How to

    One of the common issues with older vehicles is worn out seats. This is especially common for Toyota trucks which often see heavy use and have thin cushion to start with. The seats in my 1986 Toyota 4runner had seen better days. The driver seat had no lumbar support remaining, unless you count the steel support bar which was protruding through the padding. The back seat was a full bench seat with no head rests. Overall, the fabric was in excellent condition consider the age but the seat cushion was worn out.

    There are many types of seats that people have swapped into their Toyotas; common seat choices include Honda Civic, Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza and other unusual ones like Mercedes. I chose Toyota. Oringally, I was looking to install some 3rd gen 4runner seats (1996-2002) but I found that extensive modification would be required.

    Instead, I chose some 2nd gen 4runner seats (1990-1995). Why? Several reasons, including the wrecking yard had blue seats that matched my interior color and they were relatively cheap. The seats I purchased were out of a 1994 Toyota 4runner SR5. These are the fancy seats with driver side adjustable lumbar support, side support, bottom adjustments and adjustable headrest.

    The seat installation couldn't be easier. The driver seat is an exact bolt in; no modifications whatsoever. The passenger seat is another story. My passenger seat had a foot lever to slide the seat forward for passengers to enter and exit the back seat. The newer 4 door 4runners do not. To make it work properly you need to swap the seat frames. While this may sound like a daunting chore, it's actually quite simple. It took about 30 minutes to get it done. The seat bottom comes out with 4 bolts; removing the seat back requires lifting the seat fabric up to access 4 bolts (2 on each side). Once again, it's 100% bolt up; no drilling or modifications required. After the seat frame has been swapped it bolts perfectly into the truck.

    The rear seat back bolts in without modifications. Note: I replaced my solid bench seat with this split fold bench. The seat bottom required 4 holes to be drilled and bolts installed. Your 4runner may or may not need holes drilled depending on the year (1985-1989).

    This is one of my favorite modifications. It makes driving the truck enjoyable especially on long road trips and 4wheeling off road. Be sure to click over to the forum to post comments and questions.

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