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  • ARB Locker Demo : How does the ARB locker work off road?

    Most people think their 4WD truck really is four wheel drive but...it is NOT! You really have a 2WD vehicle! Yes, one front wheel and one rear wheel of alternating sides gets power. And no...manual locking hubs are not lockers! This is probably the most common misconception I've heard.

    So why is your truck called 4WD? Technically, any of the four tires can get power. Unfortunately, your differential sends power to the tire with the LEAST amount of traction. So, needless to say it's rather easy to get a stock 4x4 truck stuck.

    That's where the ARB lockers come in. They replace the differential internals and by the flip of a switch air actuates the ARB locker and allows the differential to send equal power to both tires all the time. This perfect for off road terrain and obstacles where traction is crucial. And you can easily turn them off when it comes time to get back on the highway. ARB lockers are the strongest and most versatile differential locker on the market today.

    Do you have a selectable locker? What other selectable locker do you think compares to ARB?