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  • Optima Battery : How to choose Red, Yellow or Blue?

    Optima batteries are an excellent addition to any off road vehicle. They don't contain liquid acid so there's no worry of leaking or spilling. Optima uses the gel cell design concept with their own technology called spiralcell. This allows Optima batteries to smaller yet have greater power, recharge faster, maintain higher voltage during discharge and offer increased vibration resistance.

    Another great advantage of Optima batteries is that they can be mounted anywhere and in any direction even upside down! This is especially handy if you're trying to fit a secondary battery in a tight space. So which Optima battery is right for my vehicle?

    Red Top Optima battery is best for everyday vehicles. It's multipurpose and is the perfect replacement for your standard battery for normal starting duty and vehicle accessories.

    Yellow Top Optima battery works for everyday use with the ability to handle heavy electrical loads and deep discharges. This makes the battery perfect for your modified vehicle with stereo amps, auxiliary lights and winches. It also works for vehicles without a charging system or as a secondary battery. This is the most recommended battery for off road trucks.

    Blue Top Optima battery is often referred to as the marine or RV battery. The Blue Top has both threaded and SAE posts which differentiates it from the Yellow Top which only has SAE posts. There are two different types of Blue Top batteries:
    1. Dark Gray case: should be used only as a starting battery (not deep cycle).
    2. Light Gray case: is most similar to the Yellow Top and can be used for starting and deep cycle duty.

    Share your experience with Optima batteries. Would you recommend them?