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  • 5th Generation Toyota 4runner : The Baja 1000 Build

    Toyota wanted to test the newest 5th Generation 4runner over the toughest terrain possible. They chose to compete in the 42nd Baja 1000 to evaluate the durability of the 4runner. This 4runner had already completed the Rubicon Trail and Moab Trails. Now it must take on the Baja which many consider the most extreme off road race in the world. It will test the limitations of any vehicle.

    In this video Toyota shows the modifications performed to meet the Baja race requirements. The bulk of the modifications were done to meet safety regulations. The motor, suspension components, transmission, axles and chassis are stock. Toyota engineers wanted to test the major system components in this extreme environment to ensure quality and durability of the newest generation 4runner.

    What do you think about this build? Do you feel it still retained enough stock components?