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  • Oregon - Tillamook State Forest - Off Road Trip Report - June 16, 2012

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    June 16, 2012 - Tillamook State Forest - Oregon : Off Road Trip Report
    Attendees: Peter, Brad/Wil, Chris/Ian, Sean/Hailey, Nate/Tina
    Rigs: 1992 Isuzu Pickup, 2000 Isuzu Amigo, 1988 Isuzu Trooper, 1999 Toyota 4runner, 2000 Toyota 4runner

    Our group of 5 trucks and 9 adventurers met at the Shell gas station on highway 6. The objective was to explore the more challenging trail sections in the Tillamook State Forest. We loaded up and headed for the first trail of the day University Firepower.

    University Firepower was recently reopened after being closed for the winter. While we were airing down our tires at the trail head Mike, Robert, Gary and others from TacomaWorld drove up. We chatted for a bit and then hit the trail. The initial hill climb was easy enough but the decent on the back side proved to be much more exciting. Brad and I decided to drive back up the trail for some extra challenge. Our groups broke up after completing the trail and we proceeded to conquer Firebreak 5 then headed to next challenge, Saddle Up.

    Saddle up has a steep, rocky hill climb that makes for some adrenaline pumping fun and there are impressive territorial views at the top. Everyone from our group made the climb unassisted with Brad taking the lead. We spent some time at the top and enjoyed lunch while chatting with each other. Our next destination was Rocky Uphill on Archers Firebreak.

    Rocky Uphill is rocky and up hill as you might guess from the name. This trail is exceedingly difficult during the rainy season when the rocks become slippery with the infamous Tillamook clay mud. Thankfully, our weather was warm and somewhat sunny which made the trails less challenging. At the mid point the trail splits and Sean decided to attempt the difficult side. Unfortunately, the all terrain tires and open front differential held him back. This gave him the opportunity to test the new warn winch which helped pull him over a large boulder. Brad and I couldn't resist the challenge and proceeded to conquer the difficult side as well.

    Chris who was driving the Trooper broke his tie rod on the following section of the Rocky Uphill. Thankfully, we had a spare and Brad helped to quickly replace the broken part. Nate and Tina decided to bypass the final trail and drive to the coast for the remainder of the afternoon. Meanwhile, the rest of the group headed to Truck Dent.

    Truck Dent is one of my favorite trails. It has a steep hill climb, tank traps, logs, rocks and exceptional views. This trail is lesser traveled due to the somewhat remote location. Chris & Ian parked the Trooper and decided to ride along for this trail. We all conquered the obstacles without any issues. I showed off my extreme tire in the air driving skills (thanks to limited flex). Everyone had a blast and made it back safely.

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    1. kurtdaniel's Avatar
      kurtdaniel -
      seems like a nice adventure...
    1. derm_ramone's Avatar
      derm_ramone -
      right,, i tried it too there.. there were some narrow creek areas and several large low limbs and downed trees that would have required very careful lines, so it might have been a bit slow going. Good thing my Toyota parts are new which i got from http://www.partstrain.com/ShopByVehicle/TOYOTA..