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  • Oregon - Trask OHV - Extreme Hill Climbs Off Road - October 13, 2012

    October 13, 2012
    - Trask OHV - Tillamook State Forest - Exteme Hill Climbs Off Road & Exploration
    Attendees - Chris (1988 Isuzu Trooper), Brad (2000 Isuzu Amigo), Peter (1992 Isuzu Pickup), Curt (1996 Toyota Land Cruiser)

    Brad has been telling us for a long time about this "fluffing" thing that he likes to do while out on the trails. Peter, Curtis and I were a little nervous about subjecting the general public to a trail "fluffing" from Brad, so we had him take us out this weekend for a private fluffing. It being Brad, we were expecting latex, goats, leather and feather-dusters. We were nervous, but showed up well prepared. Peter with his GoPro, me with the dogs and the chainsaw and Curtis with the Glam-bruiser, which is the ultimate seats-8-offroad-getaway-verhicle.

    What we got in the end had nothing to do with latex, goats, leather or feathers, but Brad flogging his rig up the trail ahead of us all day long. We blasted through the southern Trask unit directly to the Ginsberg Point Trail, which we had wheeled a lot of this March in the snow. There were three pretty challenging hill climbs to be had yesterday. Each time Brad took the lead and did five or six of what he called fluffing runs. The point was to try as many different bad lines so that all that was left for the rest of us to do at the end was just to take the one-line that Brad hadn't. Using this absolutely selfless technique Brad would take a solid half hour to tackle each climb, leaving the rest of us an easy walk-in-park ride up. In some senses it took the challenge out of the climbs, but we very appreciative of Brad's efforts. Hopefully Peter got some good video of Brad showing off his Trail Fluffing technique extraordinaire.

    After the trail fluffing sessions on the Ginsberg Point trail, I took over duties as head navigator and in my own personal style managed to lead us on a wild goose chase for trails that didn't really exist except in dusty figments of my imagination. Luckily somehow my rambling led us to the far northern end of the Trask Unit, where Peter and Curtis realized that we were very close to Tillamook State Forest and the Stick in the Nose trail. Curtis found a great trail full of tight switch backs and tall water bars. After only a little whimpering from Curtis about how tight the trail was, he rallied on up it and into Tillamook Forest.

    In Tillamook Forest Peter took over head navigator duties and proceeded to give it his best try in imitating me. With an impressive 2 dead-ends and 2 turn-arounds before finding the trail head Peter made a good showing, but was unable to unseat me as the King of Gates-and-Dead-Ends-and-Missed-Trail heads. By time we started heading down Stick in the Nose it was getting dark. This time it was my turn to whine about dragging and banging my Trooper across the big scary rocks at the entrance to Stick in the Nose. Peter banged his way across and made me cringe, but Curtis and Brad rolled through like they were pulling into the drive thru -shaming me into dragging and scraping my poor Trooper across all those rocks. Off we went into the thickening darkness down the trail.

    What a trail! Tight was the word of the day -night, I suppose. Curtis and Brad must have been really feeling the squeeze, even though it was Peter that almost drove off the trail and down the embankment. Tight switch backs, huge water bars and sweepy turns made me want to totally rail it down this trail, but then I remembered I was in an Isuzu Trooper not on a MTB or Dirt-bike. (Both of which would be insanely fun on this Trail btw....) After another Rock Garden we came to the end and rallied out to the staging area on hwy 6. After a little BS-ing and airing up the tires, we all headed back.

    I think it would be possible to add a little more trail time in Trask, as opposed to gravel road time, on the route we took. All totaled I had about 12 hours of seat time door-to-door. A long tough day for my back, but we definitely found a fun filled and challenging route for a future larger group ride, which was after all the goal of the day.

    Hopefully Peter will post some vids soon of Brad's fluffing technique. I got no Pictures - sorry. Pretty weak, I know.
    By : Chris Wichern

    Pictures and Discussion Here: http://gitout.com/showthread.php?674...ctober-13-2012

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    1. KILRB's Avatar
      KILRB -
      Great trip report & video!!!
    1. KILRB's Avatar
      KILRB -
      Love watching that video!!!!
    1. venturer's Avatar
      venturer -
      Thanks Derek! It was fun to put together.
    1. The Dude's Avatar
      The Dude -
      my favorite video thus far, great job!!