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  • 2013 Toyota Tacoma DC TRD - Gitout Adventure Vehicle Build!

    This is the new project: 2013 Toyota Tacoma DC TRD, 4x4, Auto! I picked it up with only 7 miles on the odometer.

    The goal is to have modifications completed and be on the trails by the end of January (about 45 days). The primary objective is: reliability, comfort and expedition capability. This isn't going to be an "extreme" truck... The 92 Isuzu proved that extreme suspension articulation isn't required for trail driving here in the Northwest (rock crawling is a different story). That being the case this truck will get the complete heavy duty OME Suspension. It provides solid on road handling, reasonable articulation and durability that's unmatched. The front will have a steel bumper with Warn Xeon winch and wireless controls. The underside will be armored with skid plates and the body panels protected with rock sliders. The rear is getting some custom tube work to protect the quarter panel and rear bumper; yep I'm keeping the factory bumper and tow hitch. The Thule hitch rack and will be used to carry my mountain bike.

    There will be a bed rack that will sport a roof tent, high lift jack, shovel, table, gas, water... And... there will be a ARB fridge! That's what I'm most excited about. No more ice and water logged food. The remaining space in the bed will be for camping gear and travel supplies. My goal is to be able to take 1 week long trips to the outback with reasonable comfort.

    The truck already has the tow package with 130 amp alternator and it will be storing the juice in two Odyssey batteries.

    Originally, I wanted to keep the factory wheels but they won't clear after installing the spindle gussets. So I'm replacing them with some 16" TRD wheels which have slightly less backspacing. 32" mud tires will wrap the wheels and provide slightly more ground clearance and improved traction. Yes, I've debated 33s but decided against them as power, braking and gas mileage (ie travel range) are more important to me.

    This is going to be a fun project. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

    Read the full build thread here: http://gitout.com/showthread.php?753...Vehicle-Build!

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    1. jonny86s's Avatar
      jonny86s -
      i have 32 km2 on my 86 4runner the work great & they dont wear that fast.
    1. venturer's Avatar
      venturer -
      KM2s are excellent tires. I've bought 5 sets of them! On this build I installed Firestone Destination MTs.
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