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  • Event : Utah | Moab Adventure - September 28 - Oct 3rd, 2013

    It's finally going to happen! Moab 2013!!! There will likely be many first timers (including myself) and it will be exciting to say the least. Moab has something for everyone... from extreme rock crawlers to near stock vehicles. We will likely be in the happy middle ground attempting some challenging obstacles but bypassing the extreme trails. We'd love to have you come along!

    Date: September 28 - October 3, 2013
    Destination: Moab, Utah
    Meeting Time: 6:30am - Sept 28th
    Meeting Place: Chevron | 1260 Northwest Frontage Road - Troutdale, OR 97060

    Permits Required: Current Oregon ATV sticker (<---Thats not a misprint. Read Here)
    Communication: CB Radio - Channel 10
    Vehicle requirements: 32"+ Traction Tires, Lift, Body Armor, Recovery Points (front & back), Proper Recovery Equipment, Basic Tools - Rules and Required Items Here

    Personal requirements: Please be ready in the unfortunate case of an accident. Getting a wrecked/broken vehicle home is a lot more difficult when home is 1,100 miles away. Whether this means that you have money set aside for a tow truck or you bring a trailer, please be prepared! Be ready to camp for 4 nights. Also, please bring a good camera with plenty of room for pictures. If we do not get at least 500 high-quality pictures, I will count this trip as a bust. Please be sure to bring a reliable, maintained vehicle that can make the 2,200 mile round trip. Make sure you have front and rear tow (recovery) points. Bring your own recovery gear or as much as you have. Bring spare parts (CV joints and other common parts that break). Bring tools.

    RSVP Here: http://gitout.com/showthread.php?853...oab-Adventure-)))

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    Operation Trail Tank

    will your "efi" stuff work on this set up???
    granny gear would be sweeeeet!!!
    only issue with the 4speed.... according

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    Are we camping in the normal spot?

    thomthom 08-22-2019, 08:53 PM Go to last post

    Operation Trail Tank

    It is here:

    AMC 360, T18 Trans and Dana 20 Tcase
    It came with all the brackets, linkage and pedals for the T18. I may swap

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