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  • 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD : 1 Year Long Term Review!

    Well, it has been one year and a week sense I purchased my brand new 2012 Tacoma TRD and I figured I would post my thoughts. I traded off my 2006 Dodge Power Wagon and for an off road truck this thing was a BEAST!! I REALLY liked the Power Wagon but could not afford to drive the thing when I was averaging just over 10mpg and gas was flirting with $4.00/gal!

    Truck = 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD
    Miles = 17,176
    Mechanical Issues = None
    Mods = None
    To Do List = Canopy with custom storage, locker override, CB, rear diff breather relocate, small lift and 235x85R6, Seat covers

    Impressions: This is the third Toyota mini truck I have owned and all of them have been rock solid. I love the TRD package but feel the 4 wheel drive options could be simplified. The truck is comfortable and drives great on the road. It does not get as good of mileage as I have seen with previous pickups but on the other hand the large 4.0L has plenty of power for this rig. I average right around 17mpg with a mix of highway and small city driving. I can usually go 300mi with this mix of driving before the gas light comes on. On road trips I have seen just over 20mpg on highways but on the interstate at higher speeds that drops to around 18mpg.

    Likes: Ease of driving and comfort, back up camera(this thing will spoil you), 4 wheel drive options(even though there are many). Toyota 25K mile maintenance warranty. I purchased lifetime synthetic oil changes with the truck but like the Toyota plan.

    Dislikes(minor gripes): As much as this truck cost I would like to have seen items like heated mirrors!!!, all switches light up(seriously, how hard would it have been to light the 4x4 switch and door and window lock switches) more charging ports for electronic equipment(especially a 120 plug in the cab sense the truck already has an inverter in the bed. I would like to have seen an anti lock break override, not only for off road application but for slick driving conditions as well. The BFG Rugged fails are horrible and with under 20k miles I am going to have to replace them soon. The stock mudflaps rub on EVERYTHING...even speed bumps...I hat these things.

    All in all I am very happy with this pickup but I am still contemplating a 2006ish Dodge with the Cummings. My buddy has one and gets great fuel economy and can haul and tow just about anything, not to mention the extra room. That will be a few years down the road if at all though.

    Below are a few pics of the truck.

    Hunting, I like the size and maneuverability of this rig off road.

    At right around 700mi the wife had a little mishap...all is well now.
    By : ACLakey
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