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  • Oregon - Noonday Trail Expedition - July 19-21, 2013

    July 19-21, 2013 - Oregon - Noonday Trail Expedition 2013
    Attendees: Peter, Ryan, Bryan, Joe, Nate, Biff & Fam
    Vehicles: 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD, 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2004 Toyota 4runner, 1992 Jeep XJ, 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser, 2012 Jeep XK

    The Noonday Trail Expedition was a huge success! We had six rigs come out to drive the historic Noonday Trail. This trail was used by gold miners in the 1800s hauling supplies to and from mines and the famous Bohemia City. Gold was originally discovered in 1858 in the Sharps Creek by four friends. The gold rush on Bohemia mountain didn't begin until 1864 when an outlaw known as Bohemia Johnson claimed to have found gold. The history makes this area all that much more interesting and intriguing while exploring.

    Bryan had the most trail excitement when his front tire side off the road. Joe's wide, flexy XJ created some increased driving challenges. Biff made easy work of the driving with the doorless JK. Nate's virgin Land Cruiser experienced it's first real taste of NW trails. Ryan had no issues other than the overheating Jeep. All the rigs and drivers did very well and everyone made it through the Noonday trail without incident.

    Biff tested the ground clearance on a side road and became high centered. He probably just wanted some extra challenge before heading home. Joe, Ryan, Bryan, Nate and I drove down the steep, rough road to our somewhat remote campsite. We setup camp in the mid afternoon and spent the remainder of the day relaxing.

    The next day was full of exploration and adventure. We drove to the old Bohemia City and explored the ruins. Only the Bohemia store and a steel silo remain. You need to be very cautious especially around the pit mines in the area. Ryan decided to leave for home due to the Jeep overheating issue. The rest of our group drove down the trail and encountered a large fallen tree.

    Joe busted out his chain saw and went to work. After cutting through the tree we hooked two winch lines up and pulled the tree apart. Then Joe cut a section out of the tree which Bryan and I winched up the hill and rolled off the road. Unfortunately, the chain saw ran out of gas before we could completely clear the road. Joe decided to attempt squeezing through anyway. Unfortunately, that didn't work out and resulted in a dented XJ.

    We assessed the situation and decided to siphon some gas from one of the rigs. Nate volunteered his Land Cruiser and after locating and removing the fuel return line we filled the chain saw and finished cutting the tree so our rigs could fit through. The remainder of the trail was extremely overgrown and tight; it customized the our paint with many new pinstripes (well except for mine).

    From there we found several mines, some abandoned and others with active claims. On our way back to camp Bryan saw the gate for the lookout tower had been opened. We were all excited to drive to the highest viewpoint in the area and get some pictures of the surrounding mountains.

    We returned to our same campsite and enjoyed another fun evening around the campfire. Our final day included searching for the mysterious merry go round which failed. Yet, we explored some beautiful countryside and took pictures of several covered bridges.

    Amazing trip! Thanks to everyone who came along. Exceptional company!
    - By : Peter Stewart