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  • Washington - Naches Trail Expedition - August 24-25, 2013

    August 24-25, 2013 - Washington - Naches Trail Expedition 2013
    Attendees: Peter, Tallon, Chris, Mike, Josh, David, Al & Sherri, Nate, Luis, Sean, Dan, Will, Chris & Jillian
    Vehicles: 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD, 2005 Tacoma DC, 1988 Isuzu Trooper, 2008 Tacoma DC, 2005 Ford Ranger, 2011 Tacoma, 2001 Toyota 4runner, 1996 Land Cruiser, 2011 Tacoma, 2000 4runner, 1987 4runner, 2011 Tacoma, 1988 Toyota PU

    The expedition trip started a day early for Chris, Brad and myself. We met at Evan's Creek and drove some trails before finding an epic remote camping spot overlooking the valley. The next morning we packed up and drove to the small town of Enumclaw to meet the rest of the group. Originally, the group was projected to be around 10 rigs but the word got out and 15 rigs showed up. Brad had to head home and departed after greeting everyone leaving our group of 14 rigs to proceed to the trailhead.

    We aired down and broke into groups of 7 rigs. Mike (mr mike) headed up the Tacoma group and lead the expedition. I took the remaining trucks and followed about 20 minutes behind. This trail is tight, very tight and extremely tight. It twists and turns through the trees at times being off camber and making body damage a real threat. In fact, at the meadow clearing the first group of Tacoma trucks displayed their matching passenger side trail damage.

    Just up from the meadow is a technical hill climb that several decided to bypass. Everyone who attempted the challenge made the climb without damage. Yes, you need to turn into the stump to avoid hitting it (listen to your spotter). The next fun stopping point is the Pacific Crest Trail which includes a short walk to the hiker cabin. After that we got back on the trail with some serious distance to cover before reaching camp. Our dispersed camping spot was perfect for the large group. We quickly had camp setup and ate dinner. Meanwhile, the south end of camp was getting into full party mode. Will became the undisputed victor.

    In the morning half of the group headed out to the fire zone (yes, I told you it was closed). I took the remainder of the group through the final section of trail. This is one of my favorite sections. It has some of the most technical driving of the entire trail and some exhilarating hill climbs. Our group then ate lunch along the river before parting ways. Chris, Nate and I stayed together and hiked to a couple remote lakes and enjoyed the incredible views. We then headed into the forest south of Packwood for some exceptional remote camping in the mountains. In the morning we were rewarded with fantastic views of Mt Rainier during the sunrise. Shortly afterward we parted ways with Nate. Chris and I drove back to Oregon on gravel forest service and twisty mountain roads it was wonderful avoiding the highway traffic.

    Huge thanks to David for producing the video and allowing me to upload to the Gitout channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to his channel and watch his other videos.

    Looking forward to the next adventure!

    - By : Peter Stewart