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  • Oregon - Trask Checkpoint Challenge - November 16, 2013

    November 16, 2013
    - Oregon - Trask Checkpoint Challenge 2013
    Teams: Rat Patrol, Ugly Ducklings, Fluffy Bear, Three Blind Mice, Kitty Litter

    Typical Gitout adventures range from five to ten vehicles with family and friends riding along. About a week before this trip there were nearly twenty members planning to attend. Large groups are fun but slow especially when traveling in a long caravan. I've never been a fan of trail traffic jams so some planning was in order.

    The idea was to create competition with teams, points and checkpoints. Chris and Brian offered to help the day before to drive the route and mark the checkpoints. All the checkpoints would be listed and handed out to everyone as part of the challenge. Points were awarded for groups locating checkpoints, picking up trash and taking various silly pictures.

    Everyone was divided into groups with the group leader responsible for navigating through the route. Groups were released 15 minutes apart in the following order.

    1. Team Ugly Ducklings : Loud Al, Curtis, 4x Junkie, Larrydallas
    2. Team Three Blind Mice : Mooresrunner, Patrickmeehl, Kilrb, Cjsrebiff, Joshyddog
    3. Team Fluffy Bears : Mr. Mike, Wilie64, Cam-Shaft, Puddin99
    4. Team Kitty Litter : Venturer, JudoGi, slo6i, ScottitusRat Patrol
    5. Team Rat Patrol : Chuffer, NW Wheeler, Midnight Mudslinger, Johnwdillon, LanceNoell

    There was a time limit of four hours to complete the competition and meet at the final checkpoint. Early arrival would be awarded with bonus points while late arrival had huge point deductions. The objective was to spur on competition and avoid teams waiting all day for people to arrive.

    Team Ugly Duckling took first place by a huge margin with a total score of 1,670 points. They missed a couple checkpoints but received additional points by getting nearly every bonus picture including the "sitting in a puddle" picture and collected an incredible amount of trash. They also hauled away the largest piece of trash of any team, a plastic truck bed liner.

    My team Kitty Litter came in second with a score of 1,050 points. We were the second to last team to leave the parking lot but had a huge advantage of knowing every checkpoint location. Unfortunately, we were slowed up when we encountered and passed Team Three Blind Mice and later Team Fluffy Bears but we lost the majority of our time getting stuck and recovering trucks on a challenging hill climb. It's easy to get distracted and lose time!

    Team Three Blind Mice was in third with a score of 560 points. They lost their team member Patrickmeehl when his truck broke the a CV joint. This cost them valuable time but the team kept in good spirits and showed great teamwork assisting in the repairs. They did reach nearly every checkpoint, took bonus pictures and collected plenty of trash points. Unfortunately, their late arrival time took a significant toll on their overall score.

    Team Fluffy Bear took fourth place with a score of 500 points. They did an excellent job with trash points (2nd place) and bonus pictures. In addition they hit all but one checkpoint. However, they were the second to last arrival which killed their overall score with late arrival penalties. Teams needed to pay closer attention to the time requirements.

    Team Rat Patrol came in last with a score of 360 points. They collected the least amount of trash but had the 2nd best score for bonus pictures. They were also the only team to make it to every checkpoint but at huge costs. They were nearly two hours past the time limit which resulted in some extended waiting periods for other teams.

    Our huge group of twenty vehicles formed an extended caravan and traveled through Trask to the Tillamook OHV area. We took a short trail along the way and proceeded to the final trail for the day as night fell. Travel was slow through the Stick in the Nose Trail in the dark, rainy weather but everyone made it through.

    Overall, it was a successful adventure that everyone enjoyed and learned a bit more about GPS navigation. We may have to organize another challenge in the future. Watch the upcoming events.
    - By : Peter Stewart

    More pictures here: http://gitout.com/showthread.php?126...vember-16-2013

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      KILRB -
      Excellent Day!!! Thanks for putting the trip report together Peter! Very well done Buddy!