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  • Trans-America Trail in a Stock Montero - Part 3 : The Flood

    Trans-America Trail in a Stock Montero - Part 3 : The Flood

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    Our late night hotel selection proved poor as we awoke to the potent odor of Marijuana smoke flooding the room through the bathroom ceiling vent. We hurried our packing as smoke clouded the air and retreated to the trusty Montero.

    Yesterday’s adventure had taken its toll on the Montero and our Walmart gear. Our first priority was to replace the water filled radiator with the proper coolant mixture followed by a return trip to Walmart. We exchanged the nearly broken shovel for their premium model and purchased plastic storage bins to organize the hoarder catastrophe in the back of the truck.

    From there we proceeded on the Trans-America Trail (TAT). The remainder of the Mississippi route was uneventful and mostly paved and gravel back roads. We made a short stop for a turtle on the road which turned out to be somewhat feisty then proceeded to cross the Mississippi River into Arkansas.

    Scenery drastically changed to flat crop land with garbage everywhere. We continued to drive further and further from population into farm country until we encountered the flood. The road had completely disappeared into a lake of water and continued as far as we could see. We stopped and took our time evaluating the options. The detour route wasn’t appealing as we would lose nearly an hour of drive time however the potential of being stuck in muddy water miles from anywhere with no recovery equipment seemed risky. Joe recommended that we detour, I agreed that was the safe decision and proceeded to drive into the flood.

    These gravel farm roads are flat in the middle and have ditches on either side. Typically, it’s easy to stay out of the ditches when they are visible, however not when they are covered by murky, muddy water. We determined that by going slowly we could carefully watch the water depth and stop before falling into a ditch. Our senses were on high alert as we proceeded into the flood; we could only guess where the road might be and hope for the best.

    Somehow, we managed to navigate the half mile of flooded road successfully with the water only cresting the running boards a couple times. What a relief and huge excitement to have conquered the challenge. We drove on into the night enjoying views as the sun set over the country farms.

    The weather was changing fast… a storm. So we stopped for a burger at the Waffle House in Beebe, Arkansas and walked to the nearest hotel. All the TV stations were announcing local thunderstorms and issuing tornado warnings…
    - By : Peter Stewart

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    1. willie64's Avatar
      willie64 -
      Love the little snapping turtle at the end.why didn't you try feeding it? They love finger food.
    1. venturer's Avatar
      venturer -
      Quote Originally Posted by willie64 View Post
      Love the little snapping turtle at the end.why didn't you try feeding it? They love finger food.
      That's what we were afraid of...
    1. Montenegro's Avatar
      Montenegro -
      I love how you "agreed" that the detour was your safest bet, but you proceeded into the flood. MY MAN!
    1. mudman's Avatar
      mudman -
      I would be interested in seeing the current state of the Monty. I am looking at purchasing one very soon...