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  1. Yeah, I sent it off to ya a little quick! The site wasn't quite what I thought it was! On another note I talked to a Warn rep today. He wants me to e-mail him some dates & than he said that he would e-mail back! So it's in the works!! They might want to do it at the Warn Head Quearter but I'm going to try & push for Browns Camp! That way we can do some trailing the same day!!!
  2. Nice! I've found there are lots of bits and pieces of trail information on the web. Unfortunately, much of it doesn't apply to exclusively to 4x4 trucks. I'd like to make Gitout a central database for people to find 4wd trails. I'm currently trying to locate a vBulletin developer to help with some more advanced custom modifications. I'm looking to design posting forms to allow people to share detailed trail information that will also be searchable and in forum format so trail updates can be posted.
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