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  1. Scratch that on where you from I just read your post!!!
  2. Thanks for the good word on my FJ! And your welcome on the invite! I can't say enough about the folks on this forum, but just good people! We have a couple of really great runs coming up in November. Both are excellent! We should be having some TSF runs before then though! Keep an eye out for a meet & greet, were about due for one here real soon! If you don't mind me asking where about are you from? Have a good one!! Derek...
  3. Nice rig sir! Thanks for the welcome and the invite to FJ forum. On the lookout for good folks that like to wheel as I seem to be pretty short of such in my peer group. I might be the only one who thinks gutting birds and driving through mudholes constitutes fun. Keep me posted!
  4. Hey welcome! It's good to see another FJ owner on the forum!! I hope you like it here! There are a lot of really good folks on this forum!!
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