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    Cool Operation Trail Tank

    Yep, I am doing a build thread for this one... what a doosy start to a long life (I hope) with what seems to be a good platform.

    You saw it on Craigslist looking like this:


    That is how I saw it too. The description was great! $7,900! So up I went to West Linn (2hrs from home) to take a look at this beauty. I had been talking with the owner for 4 days trying to hash out a deal and get as much info on it as I can. Problem was he really didn't know much, not a bad thing, he just bought it to tow behind his RV. So the deal we made was, he gives me the Jeep and some cash, I drive his away and he keeps mine. Simple!
    We talked for a bit when I got there, mostly about the Tank. He knew somethings about it, but I found out more. Like he was using a not so honest (my opinion) mechanic that put him in the wrong light for a 4x4.
    Then he said "Let's take it for a spin!" I checked the engine and it was cold (this is what you do when looking used, make sure they didn't start it right before you got there). Hit the pedal once, turn the key and vroom, it starts perfectly. This is great!! I thought...
    I put it drive (hurst shifter ) and it shuddered a little, (the mechanic fixed that) I played with the plugs, wires and some vac hoses and got it going better. Off we go. First corner the things started grinding and shaking. " Thats what it did before he put in the new transfer case" another corner the trans gave out and we started to role back a bit. I got into 4 hi and got it to side of the road so I can crawl underneath. Put it in park, it died... and that would be the last time it would start til it got to my house...
    He was done "Make me an offer, I want it gone". I told him I needed to eat, and I was meeting a friend, so I would get back to him in an hour or so.
    Met with dropzone at Mcminn's and we talked about Tcases, axles, blah blah... Thanks Robb that was great! I owe you lunch!!!
    I stopped at the tank crawled all over/under it. Nice machine, no rust on the pan, frame has been blasted and coated, lift kit (****ty one), bumpers, sliders (nerf), rack, hi lift, new paint, new interior, engine has been worked over, tons of room... I Love It!!!
    This is the last time I saw it in the Portland area:


    I went back to his house, he didn't beg too much, so I offered him $4,000, he gets it to my house and I drive my Jeep home. He can buy mine later if he wants. "deal!" He signed the paperwork, took my address, called AAA and said pay me when you get a chance. (he paid $9,000 for it)

    4 hours later this is in my street:


    I popped the hood looked around with a flashlight, hooked up a wire on the resistor (or whatever it is called I can't remember it has been a long day), turned the key and Vroom it starts right up...

    The Trail Tank Lives...
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