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Thread: AZDOME GS65H, A Dash cam for Uber Drivers to Protect Themselves

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    AZDOME GS65H, A Dash cam for Uber Drivers to Protect Themselves

    Driver safety has been a huge topic, with the increasing events recently happening to Uber drivers, a growing number of drivers are more concerned about their own safety. This article will introduce the best dash cam for Uber drivers to protect themselves, driving for the Uber companies is undoubtedly dangerous, but can be made safer if you have the right tools at your disposal.

    One such useful tool is a dash cam. A dash cam serves as a really cheap insurance policy for many drivers, you never know when youíre going to need it, but when you do, it can really bail you out. However, finding the right dash cam for Uber drivers can be an overwhelming task, under normal circumstances, youíd be fine with a basic dash cam that shoots in HD, but for Uber drivers, there are a couple of important things to consider before you buy a dash camera. Many Uber drivers may have no idea of which dash cam to choose, AZDOME GS65H is our top pick of the best dash cam for Uber drivers and here are the details for the reason. A picture is worth a thousand words, letís see the following real scenario recorded by the dual lens dash cam.

    What makes the GS65H a Uber driver favorite? For Uber drivers, itís best to get a dash cam that comes with two lenses, so you can record the road in front of you, and the inside of the car at the same time, thus, youíll be able to capture every detail thatís happening and if something goes wrong youíll have recorded evidence of what happened. And GS65H is equipped with two cameras, one recording the front and another one capturing the inside, which meet the Uber driversí primary demand for dash cams.

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    Interesting! The last time we called Uber on to pick us on FB5, they said they wouldn't come. So not sure if this ad applies to me.
    But! That does not mean I couldnt use a Dash Cam to film the tree I bashed into so I can identify said tree the next time on the trail...

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    Its ok Biff. bejet is a friend of mine, Hes from dirkabirkascamistan.

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