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Thread: 2019 Trip Ideas - Where should we go & when?

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    2019 Trip Ideas - Where should we go & when?

    Where would you like to go next year and when? Let's get some ideas flowing, trail leaders assigned to organize and let's fill the calendar in 2019! Wheeling, Camping, Organized Potluck (e.g. Juan's Carne Asada Tacos! YES PLEASE!!!), Work Parties (Biff's Commando? Vinnie's 1 Tons?)

    Trips in Bold Below are in the planning stage/very likely to happen. Others are just thoughts to get the ideas flowing. I can update this as inputs come in, but ultimately all trips will be posted separately.

    -Work Party to help Vinnie install his 1 Tons?

    -Olallie Snow Run - Feb 16th (President's day weekend) - Rodney, Keith & Robin want to make it across Pucker Ridge this time! :-) Robin may be interested in an overnight in the snow if anyone else is.


    -SOLVE Trail Cleanup followed by an afternoon trail run - April 20th? Assuming this is going to happen right before Earth Day.

    -Cline Butte

    -Sand Lake


    [ Rubicon Trail [/B] Aug 4th) - Rodney to lead
    -Moab Utah - Aug 18-23rd - Vinnie & Rodney planning



    -Mt. Hood Snow run (if weather cooperates)

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    Edison butte needs to happen every year!!!
    My days off may very well change again by then...
    However, if all stays the same....
    Edison butte, sept, 27 28 29 is on!!!!

    Trask checkpoint challenge
    Nov 16~17
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    I am in for Ollalie, and would definitely be down for camping. I prefer the weekend before President's day to avoid taking up a three day weekend but I can be flexible. I also will be happy to lead a group but will not take a group the pucker ridge route. Elk lake is a more extreme snow run than Ollalie and requires less driving. Maybe do Ollalie one day and Elk the next.

    Somebody should put together a Florence dunes run. It is so much better than sand lake it's not even funny. Definitely worth the extra hour of driving. I will lead a group there also but don't want to pick a weekend.
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    I have a camping trip mapped out to some of the cool geological locations in central Oregon. Glass Buttes, Painted Hills, Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, Crack in the Ground and a few other places. This is mostly on easy to medium desert and forest service roads/trails. Looking at 4 to 5 days possibly starting the Thursday the 23rd and ending on Memorial Day the 27th.
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    I'd be able to do an overnight on the Ollalie run if it is President's Day weekend, but if it's on Feb 9th I'd only be able to make it for the day. Cline Butte would be good again too, I'm in depending on the dates. Further out runs I'll know more as the dates get closer. What about Santiam Pass, Rimrock, Naches, and Elbe Hills as other possible destinations?


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    I second Edison butte, Elbe hills, Evans creek and of coarse TSF, Trask and ladee. I personally want to make more of a commitment this coming year to Git out.
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    I will be back to posting my usual trips. In a few weeks... I hope
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    First on my list is a snow run on new years day. We will probably head to Sunset falls/forest road 41/42 east of Battleground in Washington if the snow looks good. (but that could change) We have 4 Jeeps on the list so far. All on 35"+ tires and locked with winch. We try to find the deepest snow we can so larger tires and lockers are highly recommended. Let me know if anyone is interested and I can post updated info as it gets closer.

    I'm up for the Olallie lake snow run again. Pucker ridge must be conquered! The overnight in the snow might just be a myth.

    I don't see the Oregon Trophy Challenge on the list yet. It's on June 1st this year. Myself, SH996, Alan Kaiser and one more (not on this site yet) plan to join the fun and compete. Anybody else planning on this one?
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    What about noon day trail or McGrew Trail?
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    I'll lead another Rim Butte trip next year if others are up for losing some more rubber. Needs to be a rare occasion since I don't want to buy tires annually.

    Won't know what month until I tear open my LJ and can see the light at the end of the reassembly tunnel.
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