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Thread: February 16, 2019 | Oregon | Olallie Lake Snow Run

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowhunter View Post
    And engines are required.
    Aww, man...

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    Did you just get a new engine?
    Looking to pick up a different one. My other one is sitting at S&J Engine in Seattle. They are saying it is not under warranty and they want $1,300 to fix it. I told them that is BS and now they wont call me back...
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    Sorry to hear about your engine woes, sucks. Seems to be harder and harder to find good shops anymore.

    You know, there is an actual trail up in Rimrock, WA called Pucker Ridge. We ran it a few years ago at dusk into darkness, fun times and definitely appropriately named.


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    Hey guys! I’ve been lurking around a little bit lately and im the excited that more runs and updates are happening with Gitout( thanks for the info Biff). It’s definitely been stale for awhile and not much happening. I personally would like to keep it around and get more camping and exploring on the calendar as well as good ol’ fashioned wheeling. Definitely count me in on this run and put me and the Burb with group 1. If conditions are anything but rainy I’ll be planning on camping as well( what’s up lance?)ECA476BC-E757-4805-A2D8-D95B80C1E0E2.jpg. Can’t wait to Gitout with you guys !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjsrebiff View Post
    I am on the fence, should be getting an engine on Friday.

    Ahhh... Pucker Ridge...
    Me from 2014:Attachment 13062
    Man...I remember us getting stuck there that year. Winching off that tiny uphill tree in the blowing snow.
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    Just to clear up the vehicle question mark. I have a Full size Bronco.

    Sure hope snow conditions improve before this event. This is garbage.

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    Group 1 Pleaze! ......with camping.
    We'll be in Salenas FJ (ol Red), my Mini doesn't have the Dakar 2.5" lift yet.
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    Anybody seen this insanity. Hope it's super cold next weekend or they are going to destroy the road up to Ollalie. The last time I looked it was up to 54 people going.
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    I guess Iíll try and come in group 1 with Willwater since Iím normally wheeling with him anyway. Andrew has seen pictures of my 1-ton Bronco on 41ís. By the way to cross pucker ridge on Christmas Eve my group had to dig about a 250-300 yard trench on the up hill side to keep the tires in. Needless to say I have no desire to cross that again.

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    The trench on Pucker Ridge. RNUaDpM.jpg
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    That's quite a trench to dig for a couple hundred yards. If that's what it takes to get across this time around, we might have to pass.

    And hopefully they get enough snow up there in the 3 weeks after the Valhalla group to cover up their tracks.
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